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Our philosophy


Being(Continuity) is every enterprise’s primary goal and the most important social responsibility. Atomy’s employees, members, customers, partners and even local communities are all connected like parts of a living organism. Everyone is needed in our mission to make a better world, and Atomy must continue to survive to carry out the task. We put forth a lot of effort to endure; from reducing costs to enhancing business viability.


Atomy aims to be a “small but big” company. We are not preoccupied with our size or wealth, but with the establishment of a rock-solid and sturdy infrastructure, which echoes our founding principle of Continuity. We need “precise management” to eliminate unnecessary expenses and pay careful attention to detail. Our “big company” mindset encourages customers to succeed big, ensures that employees feel big happiness, and gives back to society in a big way.


Atomy seeks to fulfill social responsibility through the balanced distribution of wealth. This includes the concept of fairness, as we believe balance and fairness will optimize the utilization of limited resources and lead to greater wealth for all. The value of Atomy is not only created by our members, but by our partnering companies, consumers, and the greater society through direct and indirect interactions with the company. Atomy strives to provide better quality products at more reasonable prices for our consumers and returns the profits back to them. We are also involved in many social contribution activities for the betterment of society. The fair and balanced distribution of our earnings secures our loyal customer base and ensures the sustainable growth of Atomy. In this respect, Atomy’s way of distribution is similar to the nature of the investment.


Although Continuity is the company’s top priority, added value can be generated through growth. The most crucial factor in Atomy’s growth is Speed, but Speed is not just how fast we are moving, but also in what direction. When we say Speed is important in our growth, it means that we should be moving at a quick pace in the right direction.

Industry 4.0 has a greater and wider impact on the society at large than any previous industrial revolution. In response to recent trends, Atomy will take all measures necessary to keep pace in an era of rapid change.

Sharing accurate information quickly is of great importance to Atomy. But when passed from person to person, information can be modified along the way. Atomy aims to transfer accurate information to multiple destinations simultaneously without altering the original message.

Atomy expects the business of our members to expand exponentially based on the concept of multiplication. Our Success System is designed to support rapid business expansion. With an understanding of our system, Atomy members can work together with others to thrive in their businesses which would otherwise be difficult to achieve alone.

Observing Principles, Growing Together, Sharing

Atomy strives to be a premier company by adhering to our three cultures: Observing Principles, Growing Together, and Sharing. Together these cultures form the foundation for Atomy to become a 100-year company.

• The culture of Observing Principles inspires Atomians to adhere to principles to benefit all members of society.

• The culture of Growing Together helps members, consumers, and local communities benefit from win-win partnerships.

• The culture of Sharing is a way of communicating and showing love toward others.

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