A Great Welcome to the Atomy.Business Family

Signing up for Atomy Membership is Absolutely Free! The videos will guide you thru the steps for signing up as Atomy Members.

If you are referred by fellow Atomy.Business Members, kindly check with them for the Sponsor ID to be used for your membership registration.

For new members that are directed to this Join-Us Page via Internet, Facebook or other Social Media, etc. You could use the following Member ID as you Sponsor ID:

6345307   6672792   6695638   6711776   6778074   6417092   6417627   6464319   7224015   7131408

6368916   6374834   6711806  6711697   6800724   6707755   6407112   6578435   6987510   6800760

6800811   6800861   6800936 

Guest Password to Login is “123456”.

Upon Successful Sign-Up electronically, you would be issued with your Membership ID. Thereafter, remember to download the Membership Form, fill up the details and attached your National ID as per instructed and proceed to upload to the Atomy for verification purposes. Only upon successful verification then you would be able to login online to your Atomy Online Portal.

We would like to request for you to send an email to us at info@atomy.business to update us of your contact details, so that we could keep you posted of any news, promotions, updates, etc. Alternatively, you could use the form below to submit the contact details to us.

If you need help in completing the Registration or have any queries, kindly fill your contact details and leave us a message in the following form and click “Send”. We will get back to you soonest.