The well-balanced, righteous compensation plan shows the
founder’s desire for the success of all Atomy members.

The types of Incomes and Rewards that could be attributed to the Atomy Members are explained in the Video.

1) Retail Profit

Comparing the Retail and Member Price for a set of Evening Care 4, the retail profit amounts to about 30%. However, ATOMY encourages member to recruit and teach/equip their new team members to be able to register and buy products directly online. This would ensure that the new members could operate independently and it would be easier to build and lead a big team. 


 2) General Commission


Dealership level will determine the scores and commission received.The are total 5 levels of dealership. When fresh member joins ATOMY, they are just a normal member and will enjoy buying ATOMY products at a discounted price. When his/her Personal PV reaches 10K, he/she would then be promoted to a Sales Rep and starts to enjoy commission when his/her network brings in the required PVs. As personal PV and group PV reaches various amount as stated below, member would be accorded with different Dealership status.



How Commissions are Calcualted

Total of 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between qualified members every week according to the rates. The point(score) system is used for calculating the commission. The 44% allocated for commissions will be divided by total points accumulated globally to derive at the commission per point. At the current market rate, each point will earned the members around 5 US dollars of commission.

Individuals must first accumulate at least 10,000 PV in order to accumulate downline PVs.



Scores vs Actual Commission

The tables below will help better understand the relationship between the members’ score versus the commission received.

Left and Right Leg Group PV are squared off on a daily basis. If the smaller leg group PV does not hit a minimum of 300K, all PVs would be carried over to the next day. Only when smaller leg group PV went above 300K, then the PVs would be squared off and score counted based on the smaller leg Total Group PV accumulated.



3) Mastership Bonus

Total 20% of the Global Sales PV will be distributed according to Mastership Levels and the total number of Masters within each level. Bonus would calculated and distributed twice a month. 

Promotion to Sales Master is dependent on the Personal and Group PVs accumulated during the 1/2 monthly qualification period. Beyond that, it’s dependent on the Masterships within the team. This is to encourage the Masters to work closely with their members and achieve success as a team so that no one would be left behind.

In ATOMY, Mastership achieved is perpetual and last for lifetime as long as the membership is active, which only requires a minimum of 1 purchases per annum. There’s no forced purchases required to maintain or requalify for the Mastership.



4) Mastership Promotion Rewards

As members grow their network and expand the consumer base within their team, not only are they rewarded with better passive incomes, they are also rewarded handsomely when they qualify for each Mastership.

Mastership Promotion Rewards are very generous and attractive. It is also the founder’s intention to equip the more successful members with the tools and means to be more efficient, awards include items like a laptop, a rental car, credit card, office, etc., so that they gets more well-equipped as they moved up the hierarchy and thus have more freetime and be able to help their downlines to be as successful. Every member is part of a big family.



5) Education Commission (Center Commission)

Qualified Sales Masters could apply to Atomy to setup a Training Centre. Members are required to choose the affiliated Training Centre upon signing up for membership.

※ 6% of a Center’s total PV is paid to the applicable Center to cover operational expenses.

※ The total amount of commission to members cannot exceed 35% of total sales income. All calculation of commissions and bonus are automatically set to this limit.

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