Introduction to Atomy 2016

Atomy started in Korea in 2009 and had since expanded to USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia and Philippine. Plan is in place to expand to Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam and Thailand. Atomy had one of the most friendly and fair commission and network scheme that will allow members to enjoy masstige products and also build an international business in the process.

Marketing Plan

Atomy had the most member friendly commission scheme to allow low cost startup and easy promotion. The following types of Incomes and Rewards that could be attributed to the Atomy Members; 1. General Commission 2. Mastership Bonus 3. Mastership Promotion Reward 4. Education Commission The Video explains the Marketing Plan and Compensation Scheme of Atomy.

Know More About Atomy Products

A good presentation on the Production Technologies as well as coverage on the major Atomy Products. Atomy promotes the MASSTIGE principle which is to produce Prestige Products and offer it at Affordable Prices to the Mass. Partnership with KAERI and Kolmar allows advance and in-depth R&D resulting in fantastic products with great benefits to customers and users. Enjoy the video.

Atomy Company Principles and Introduction by Chairman Park

Chairman Park Han-Gill shares his thought of the problems with the Network Marketing Industries and how he arrived at the Founding Principle behinds Atomy to avert these issues. His in-depth understanding of the industry and his Magnanimous and Benevolent aspiration to help as many people as possible leads to the Ethical Principles which differentiate Atomy from other Networking Marketing Company. Embracing the Masstige Concept to let the Mass enjoy the Benefits of the Products and to be able to build a Worldwide Business to give their family a Comfortable Life.

Atomy Toothpaste

Atomy Toothpaste The key ingredients comprises of Honey Bee Propolis and Green Tea Extract. This provide the Atomy Toothpaste with the following effectiveness; 1) Dental Plague Removing (Anti-Plague) Effect, 2) Prevention of Dental Cavity, 3) Prevention of TarTar Deposition, & 4) Removal of Bad Breadth. Despite the Pharmaceutical Effects, the Toothpaste are selling at a very affordable price.

HemoHIM by CEO Park Han-Gill

CEO Park talks about HemoHIM and how it could help to improve the human immunity. He also provided a good sharing on the Human Immunity System, and how cells get attacked and damaged before major ailments developed.

Atomy Detergents & Fabric Softener

Atomy Detergent, Fabric Softener and Dish Detergent are created with Natural Ingredients and is Eco-Friendly and is perfect for sensitive skins

Kolmar BNH

Kolmar BNH is a Joint Venture between KAERI and Kolmar Korea. It started as Sun Biotech and was renamed as Kolmar BNH in 2013. Kolmar BNH manufacture products using Natural Ingredients processed using the Advanced Technologies developed by KAERI and Kolmar Korea.

Kolmar Korea - 100 Years of R&D Knowledge

Research Area of Kolmar Korea spans across Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Health Supplements etc. In-depth research are conducted in use of new ingredients, new processing and manufacturing technologies.

7 Solutions Gel Mask

Rejuvenate your face after a long day. The 7 Solutions Gel Mask helps to keep your face moist, reducing the formation of wrinkles and provide the necessary nutrition and brighten up your face and improve the texture.

Atomy Color Food Vitamin C

Provides the essential Vitamin C and 7 types of Color Foods in Mango Flavour. Suitable for both Adult and Children to protect the cells from Free Radicals.

Atomy Probiotics 10+

Probiotics are Good Bacteria that lives in the Intestine and improves the health when proper amount are taken. Atomy Probiotics 10+ provides up to 12 types of Lactobacilli to promote health of the stomach. Increasing Lactobacilli will restrain the growth of harmful bacteria and improve the bowel movement.