It was Love-At-First-Sight and gotten me very excited. Although Atomy is a Network Marketing company, I would prefer to term it as an Online Mall with a Network Based Affiliate scheme. It’s the most non-traditional MLM scheme that I have come across. The products are of High Quality and the prices are very Affordable (most traditional MLM products are priced above average and in the category of luxury goods to cater for the high income for the MLMers). Atomy products & price very much fulfilled the MASSTIGE principle that the company set out to achieve. The Compensation Plan is also very non-traditional MLM and it beats most of the MLM compensation plans that I had come across. The Binary plan also means uplines would have more time to groom and help the downlines and also resulting in a fairer payout across all levels (typical MLM benefits the upline much more than the downlines).

The Key Characteristics of Atomy and the Marketing Plan which attracted me are;

1. No Registration Fee – Signing up as member is free-of-charge.

2. No Monthly or Yearly Renewal Fee – Members only need to make a minimum of 1 single purchase per year to stay in business. The lowest priced items are less than S$10. This is insignificant considering the fact that it allows you to operate a Worldwide Business.

3. No Minimum Monthly Purchase – Unlike most MLM, Atomy does not believe in minimum monthly purchases. Members are encourages to buy what they need.

4. No Yearly Requalification – Compensation improves as member climbed the hierarchy within Atomy. However, unlike most MLM, when a particular seniority level is achieved within Atomy, there’s no need to maintain minimum purchases or requalify every year.

5. Lifetime Network – When you refer your friend and they bring in theirs, your network would always belong to you once built. There’s no Overtaking or Break-Away for one reason or another that could happen in other MLM, resulting in loss of efforts & resources incurred in building and grooming the network and fatter compensation of the uplines.

6. Inheritable Legacy – Atomy allows up to passing down of your network to your offspring, up to 3 generations, subjected to company approval. This would protect the legacy that you have built and would let your children enjoy the result of your effort.

7. Easy Qualification & Promotion– Atomy only required 10K PV (Point Value) to start enjoying discount in purchases and to earn commission from your network. Typical purchase to obtain 10K PV is less than S$25. Thereafter, you could achieve seniority thru a combination of own PV or group PV. For more detail, please refer to our Income page.

8. Quality Products – Products are manufactured by Kolmar BNH Co. Ltd. (SBT), JV between KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) and Kolmar Korea, two of the highly qualified research institutes in Korea. This translates into very high-tech and very high quality products which benefits the consumers and users greatly. See our Products page for more info.

9. Low Cost – Despite the quality, Atomy products are priced to compete with the General Retailers, Online Malls, Supermarkets and Departmental Stores, benefitting the masses. Once you signed up as member (free), you would be able to access the company’s online mall and all prices and associated PV for each product would be available. E.g 4 Tubes x 50g Atomy High Quality Green Tea & Propolis Extract Toothpaste (with Dental Plague Removal, Cavities Prevention, Anti-Bacteria & Bad Breadth Removal Effects) only cost S$7. This works out to be S$1.75 per tube, which is cheaper than some of the normal toothpaste in the Supermarket.

10. Worldwide Business Opportunity – Currently Atomy is already operating in 8 countries and 4 more are in the pipeline. Refer to our Worldwide page for more info.

11. Rewards & Passive Income – Commission would be based on Group PV and on top of that, when member achieve Mastership, there would be profit sharing from the company. There is also other revenue for operation of a training centre and also rewards for promotion to more senior level. More information is available in the Income page.

12. Sustainability – The products are GREEN on nature and make use of organic and healthy ingredients. On and above that, the compensation scheme are crafted to share the success as evenly as possible, thereby allowing maximum numbers of member to achieve a good income & comfortable lifestyle and ensuring sustainability in the operation of the company.

13. Family Culture – The Binary Scheme of Atomy is very member friendly. Once you signed up with Atomy, we will work together with you to achieve success.

14. Ease of Operation – Operating the Atomy Business is as simple as ABC. SIGN up as member, KNOW the products and starting SHARING with others. Once you reach AUTO SALES MASTER, your Atomy Business will go into Auto-Pilot mode… Of course your could accelerate by stepping on the gas to make it move faster.

15. Future Proof – The whole world is moving towards and embracing  Online Shopping. Over time, traditional business will slowly be replaced. Atomy provide the opportunity for you to own your online space and build your network of customer without the need for you to invest in the infrastructure and manage the online mall. This is a Golden Opportunity for your to start preparing yourself for the future and build a “Online ATM Machine” which gives you a monthly passive income.

We welcome all aspiring individuals to join our team to build a Worldwide Business to start enjoying a regular monthly passive income.

It’s also our aspiration to be able to help hardworking individuals to improve their income and lifestyle of their loved ones.

We strongly urge you to spend some time to better understand Atomy’s Quality Product and the Attractive Marketing Plan. Feel free to email us at should there be any queries or doubts and we would try our best to assist you.



Wishing You Best of Luck & Success!